St.Gregorios Syrian Orthodox Church & Mission Centre, Hosur

"Remember your former leaders, who spoke God's message to you. Think back how they lived and died and imitate their faith." Heb. 13:7

Welcome to the website of   St.Gregorios Syrian Orthodox Church & Mission Centres ,Hosur, Tamilnadu, India

This website attempts to briefly explain the various aspects of the Syriac Orthodox Faith, to help our own youth and those outside our church, to get a better understanding of some of the very basic and essential information on the Beliefs and Traditions of the Syriac Orthodox Church.

It is also tries to create an identity for the small Malankara Syrian Orthodox Christian Community of Hosur, and tell the visitors about the activities of the Mission Centres connected with the church.

The  Digital Library on this site, which is a collection of links to other sites, helps to facilitate a detailed study of the History, Traditions, Beliefs and Faith of the Syrian Orthodox Church. It also enables you  to access  Classics, Resources, Guidance & Information on Christian Living, Health, and more ........  The page on Useful Christian Resources is your gateway to hundreds of Christian sites where tons of  information on various topics are available.

The life history of St. Gregorios - 'Parumala Thirumeni', who is the Patron Saint of this Church, included in this site will surely be of interest to the visitor. Brief explanations about the  Apostolic Traditions and the seven holy Sacraments of the church namely BaptismConfirmation/MooronHoly QurbanaConfessionOrdinationMatrimonyAnointing of the Sick,  has been provided.

The SUNDAY SERMON is based on the Sunday's Gospel reading during the Holy Qurbana and brings you the Gospel text and also a selected Sermon related to the reading. 

The Throne of Patriarch', listing all the Patriarchs of Antioch from St. Peter, and the Pictures of the Patriarchs & Bishops of the Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Church has been featured on this site.

Weekly Inspiration and Malankara World Journal  every week from Acts International and Malankara World will surely supplement your week-end spiritual reading. On Sunday Magazine you will find articles and stories to inspire you and also make you think. Thoughts for the Week, is an ever increasing collection of inspiring Articles and Quotes.

A new Bible Story Every day, and a new Daily Bible Quiz everyday, helps not only our children, but also  adults  to test and refresh their Bible knowledge.  Inspiring Devotionals and Daily Lesson will be a nice way to Begin or Close your Day

Daily Bible Reading systematically selects Bible portions Every Day to help you complete the entire Bible in one year.

The purpose of including contents such as Daily PuzzlesDaily TriviaDaily NewsDaily Pictures which are made available from other sites, is to encourage you to come back more often. 

Resources such as Holy Bible - Online, Christian Music Radio - Malayalam, Praise & Worship Radio, The Church Calendar provides you with the important dates such as lents, feasts and the references to the Scripture readings for the Church services on such days and Sundays.  Holy Qurbana Songs / video, and linls to hundreds of Christian songs / videos in Malayalam, English and Taimi can be found on this site. Information on important Events at the Hosur St. Gregorios Church & Mission Centre are regularly updated on this page.

Kiddies Corner has been lovingly set aside for our little ones, with games, stories and much more.

We thank you for visiting this site.  We will be happy if you could leave us your valuable comments in the Visitors Book to help us improve.  As this site is updated continually, you are sure to find something new every time you visit us.


My sincere thanks to our Vicar Fr. M.U.Paulose for his encouragement, support and also for providing valuable resources for this website.

It was a great honour when this website was unveiled on 28th. November 2010 by His Grace Thomas Mar Thimothios, (Metropolitan and Chairperson of the Bharath Jyothi Divine Trust) while inaugurating the St. Gregorios Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Church & Mission Centre.

I am indebted to everyone who have granted permission to embed and use their resources including daily and weekly changing contents on this website.

A major portion of the contents  pertaining to the  Syriac Orthodox Faith, Sacraments, Traditions and related topics has been taken from the book  "THE SYRIAN ORTHODOX CHURCH IN INDIA AND IT'S  APOSTOLIC FAITH"  by  V  Rev. Dr. Curien  Cor Episcopa.

C.S. Paul

Website -  Conceived, Developed & Maintained by C.S.Paul  for St.Gregorios Church & Mission Centre, Hosur



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