Is the Syriac Orthodox Church also called the Jacobite Church?

No. This is a name used by the adversaries of the church who attempt to belittle the church by suggesting that the church was founded by St. Jacob Baradaeus. During the sixth century, the Syriac Orthodox Church endured persecution under the Byzantian Empire because it upheld its faith. It was at this time that Jacob Baradeus emerged on the scene. He journeyed all over the East ordaining priests and deacons thus reviving the church from the brink of extinction. Jacob is considered a great Saint of the Syriac Orthodox Church, but not its founder. Hence, the Church rejects the name Jacobite. 

It should however be noted that Syriac Orthodox Christians in Malankara (India) innocently refer to themselves as Jacobites. For several centuries Christians in Malankara were referred to by the term Nazarani. The term Jacobite was introduced into Malankara in the nineteenth century by Anglicans. Christians who remained in the mother church following schisms influenced by the Anglicans adopted the term without realizing its negative connotations.

After the Portugese imposition of Roman Catholicism and its rejection at Koonan Kurishu in 1599, the Syriac Orthodox Christians came to be known as the Puthenkoor (the new allegiance). 

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