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Christian marriage is a Sacrament by which a Christian man and a Christian woman are united by God, until the death of one or the other. The couple by their marriage, becomes one flesh in the eyes of God. the Sacrament conveys Grace to enable them to be faithful to one another and to live in wedlock according to God's laws.

  • God initiated marriage which made Eve as a helpmate to Adam. Our Lord. as we see in Math. 19:5,6 instituted as a Sacrament.
  • In Mosaic Laws, the rules regarding marriage:-Lev.20:10; Deut.7:14,22; 28:1 Our Lord participated in the marriage feast at Cana.
  • St.Paul in 1 Cor.11:9-12; 1 Tim.4:2, speaks of marriage and in Eph 5:21-23 ; Col. 3:18-19 speaks of their duties one to the other.
  • The Apostolic Fathers and the early doctors of the Church have shown that it is a Holy Sacrament, and it is unlawful to prevent marriage (1Tim.4:3), and they fought against early heretics such as Navadi, Mani etc.
  • Marriage is a sacrament which binds man and woman never to be separated and which enables them and their offsprings for heavenly blessings. Since marriage is permanent it is an indissoluble union. The marriage bond last until death, because Christ has said, "what therefore God has joined ...." (Math. 19:6 ; Rom. 7: 1_3)
  • The purpose of this union is seen in Gen. 1: 27,28 ie. the continuation of the human race and their sincere cooperation (Gen. 2:18) According to Holy Fathers, it was to preserve their natural unity that Eve was created from the rib of Adam.
  • In the Sacrament of marriage, they promise each other, fidelity, and they are publicly united and by the blessings of the priest, their union is made holy and make it to resemble the union of Christ and the couple receive heavenly grace to fulfill the duties of matrimony.
  • Marriage is not only a contract, it is a Sacrament. As it is by God, the woman is betrothed to the man, and both are joined, no marriage can be solemnized without a validly ordained priest.
  • The bride and the groom should be Christians and of the same faith. If either party of another faith, he or she must be made actual members of the Church. they must be in the state of Grace in order to receive the grace  of the Sacrament. It is customary for those who are married to got to Confession and Holy Communion before the ceremony.
  • The Mosaic law, with some limitations allowed polygamy, concubinage and divorce of the wife. Our Lord taught the purpose of the creator was that one man should cleave to one woman. He said; (Mark 10:6-8) Hence divorce is contrary to the divine will. God's act in marriage can only be annulled by God's act in a death.
  • St. Paul taught that Christian marriage is typical of union between Christ and His spouse the Church. (Eph.5:22,23) It is to be copied by the couple by self-sacrificing love of the husband and loving obedience of the wife.

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