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The vestments worn by the priest

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The vestments worn by the priest for celebrating the Holy Qurbana

While the priest wears eight pieces of vestments for the Holy Qurbana, the bishop wears Twelve.
  1. The white robe denoting purity.
  2. The Kootheeno (the black robe) denotes the sinful nature.
  3. The Surplice (white robe) denote that sins are cleansed by the blood of Jesus Christ and also reminds us to worship with holiness.
  4. The Hamniya (the stole) The priest wears the Oororo, the two end of which are stitched and put over the neck so as to hang down in the front denotes the breast plate of righteousness  (Ephe. 6:14) It is also said to be the breastplate of Aron and the wings of the angels.
  5. The Girdle  denotes the belt of truth buckled against his waist. (Eph 6:14) It also the sword against Satan upon the thigh. Psalm 45:3; Job 38:3
  6. The zindo or the Sleeves which the priest wears on both hands denote the hands that are extended for good deeds. Psalms 18:34,35
  7. Kappa is worn as the ecclesiastical outer vestment over all other garments. It signifies the priest being clothed in righteousness (Psalm 132:9,10). It denote the robe of our Lord,the mantle of Elijah, the robe of Aaron and the robe of angels in heaven
  8. The shoes denotes the gospel of peace worn on his feet.
  9. Sheelamudi denotes the blessing of the Holy Spirit in the Bishop
  10. The 'patraseen' is the garment worn over the 'Kappa' by the Bishop and denote that he is the keeper of the Sacraments and Faith.(Exodus 28:6-121) It also declares that he is the ruler of the church. It also denotes the protection in the shadow of the tabernacle. (Psalm 27:5)
  11. The Sleeba (cross) reveals the protection of the sacraments in theHoly Church

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