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Meaning of Syriac and Greek words

Meaning of Syriac and Greek words

 1  Abo  Father
 2  Aboon  Our Father
 3  Adamo do seno  Until I come
 4  Ahai  My Brothern
 5  Aloho  God
 6  Aman Amen  So be it, with us
 7  Anido  Departed Soul
 8  Bathraihum-menaoolam ol meenaameen  For ever in the two worlds Amen
 9  Amen  So be it
 10  Barekmor  Bless me o Lord
 11  Beskudissa  Place of holiness
 12  Bovooso  Songs of intercession
 13  Bro  Son
 14  Burksa  That which is blessed
 15  Damo  Blood
 16  Danaha  Resurrection
 17  Dukarono  Rememberance
 18  Eehidayakar  Solitary living person
 19  Ereyar  Angel who is always awake
 20  Ekbo  Foot or stanza

 21  Emo  Mother
 22  Eniyono  Meditative Songs
 23  Ethro  Prayer with incence
 24  Episcopos  Bishop
 25  Evengelion (Greek)  Gospel
 26  Habibai  My beloved one
 27  Haleluyya  Praise the Lord
 28  Hoosoyo  A prayer of propititation
 29  Hoothomo  Concluding prayer
 30  Hoso vabu Koola suban  Now and always and for ever and ever
 31  Kadeesanmar  Saints
 32  Kadeesathaloho  Holy art thou O God
 33  Kadeeso  Saint
 34  Kahanenmar  Priests
 35  Kahanoosa  Priestly duty
 36  Kaseese  Elder Pries
 37  Kolos  Hymns
 38  Kukilion  A verse of Psalms
 39  Kuriyelaison (Greek)  O Lord have mercy
 40  Kymtha  Resurrection

 41  Luthiniya  Petition responded with corresponding words
 42  Maneeso  Songs of praise
 43  Masumoor  Psalms
 44  Mavurba  Song of mary
 45  Mena olom vada melovolam ol meena meen  As it was from the beginning and shall be for ever and ever Amen
 46  Moran esraham Melayin  O Lord have mercy upon us
 47  Moran Husrahem Melayin  O Lord have mercy upon us with kindness
 48  Morio  Lord
 49  Morio rahen Melyn Uadaryn  Lord have mercy upon us and help us
 50  Moronoyo  Concerning the Lord
 51  Msamsono  Deacon
 52  Msheeho  He who is anointed
 53  Nehavoon  Be with
 54  Nibiyanmar  Prophets
 55  Oritha  The five books of Moses
 56  Oyar  Sky
 57  Phagaro  Body
 58  Praksees  Acts of the Apostles
 59  Promeon  Preface
 60  Rooho  Spirit

 61  Rusma  Sign
 62  Sadeeke  Righteous person
 63  Sahada  Martyr
 64  Samio  Blind
 65  Sedro  A prefortory prayer which comes in order
 66  Selum bashslomo  Go in peace
 67  Shyno  Good will
 68  Shyno - u - slomo  Good will and peace
 69  Slomo  Peace
70   Sleeho  Apostle
 71  Soonoyo  Ascension of Mary
 72  Slooso  Prayer
 73  Srapikal  Angels with six wings
 74  Sthoumankalos  Let us stand will
 75  Subaho Labo Labro Valo Rooho   Kaseesho  Glory be to the Father, to the Son and to the holy spirit
 76 Subaho Lok Moran  Glory to you o Lord
 77  Subaho Lok Sabran Lo - Olam  Praise to you our Helper for ever
 78  Subukono  Remission of sin
 79  Thubden  But again
 80  Thooyobo  Preparation for service in secret.
 81  Yeldo  Birth of Christ

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