3 November 2019

posted 2 Nov 2019, 06:44 by C S Paul
3 November 2019

Quotes to Inspire
  • "A fondness for power is implanted in most men, and it is natural to abuse it when acquired." — Alexander Hamilton, 1775
  • "We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give." – Winston Churchill
  • "Those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music." – Friedrich Nietzsche
  • "They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel." – Carl W. Buechner
  • "You are not only responsible for what you say, but also for what you do not say." – Martin Luther, Priest, Scholar, Reformer
  • "The graveyards are full of indispensable men." — Charles de Gaulle
  • "You can pretend to be serious; you can't pretend to be witty." — Sacha Guitry
  • "We judge ourselves by what we feel capable of doing, but others judge us by what we have already done." — Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
  • "When at a loss for the right word, try silence." — Unknown
  • "We are told that talent creates its own opportunities. But it sometimes seems that intense desire creates not only its own opportunities, but its own talents." — Eric Hoffer
The Silent Sermon
-- Author unknown

A member of a certain church, who previously had been attending services regularly, stopped going.  After a few weeks, the preacher decided to visit him.
It was a chilly evening. The pastor found the man at home alone, sitting before a blazing fire.  Guessing the reason for his preacher’s visit, the man welcomed him, led him to a comfortable chair near the fireplace…and waited.

The preacher made himself at home but said nothing.  In the grave silence, he contemplated the dance of the flames around the burning logs.  After some minutes, the preacher took the fire tongs, carefully picked up a brightly burning ember and placed it to one side of the hearth all alone, then he sat back in his chair, still silent.

The host watched all this in quiet contemplation.  As the one lone ember’s flame flickered and diminished, there was a momentary glow and then its fire was no more.  Soon it was cold and dead.

Not a word had been spoken since the initial greeting.  The preacher glanced at his watch and realized it was time to leave.  He slowly stood up, picked up the cold, dead ember and placed it back in the middle of the fire.  Immediately it began to glow, once more with the light and warmth of the burning coals around it.

As the preacher reached the door to leave, his host said with a tear running down his cheek, ‘Thank you so much for your visit and especially for the fiery sermon. I will be back in church next Sunday.’

We live in a world today, which tries to say too much with too little.  Consequently, few listen.  Sometimes the best sermons are the ones left unspoken.

Define What You Have in Mind
-- Author unknown

Have you ever heard the quote by Mark Twain "The world owes you nothing, it was here first?" A conversation I had today with one of my students got me thinking. Why does everyone think we're just entitled to success? The truth is...

You don't deserve anything.

Yet, you deserve to have it all.

Does that make sense? Two opposites, that at only the highest level of awareness - can you sit at both completely comfortable and content being in both realties. Because both are true. The world is unfortunately set up for your failure. All the odds are against you? But aren't there promises blatantly scribed in the worlds most ancient scriptures proclaiming we are and we become what we seek.

This isn't the Law of Attraction.

I'm not about the "woo woo" --- Really. I'm not!

Here's what I am saying. Today you have the option to become whatever you want. You have the option to design the life. And your current situation is the direct consequence by your design (or default) in the past.

And I'm talking about specifics.

My aunt and I were speaking yesterday about the power of prayer. Now, we may not have the same God (if you need one, I can introduce you to mine)... but I think we can both agree on the power of prayer.

A young man was telling a story in a book about how for months he prayed to God asking for a bicycle and a desk. Discouraged and in tears one night, this kid sought his God to question Him "Why are you forgetting me? I've been praying ever so diligently" God responded; "You've asked for nothing, I have no idea what bicycle you want, there are thousands of varieties...and you desk? How big? What color? Do you want a chair too?"

The boy stirred up his faith and his Design Cap and captured his dream bike and desk on paper. He wanted an American bike (was from Asia) and a desk made of Philippine mahogany. After some time in thought, he went back to sleep.

The best part of the story was a few months later he had the exact bike he wanted and the desk he longed for.

What do you want? Looking for a spouse? Have you clearly written down exactly what your ideal spouse looks like, sounds like, does for a living, their body type, race, occupation?

How about your dream business or clientele? I know for me, when I am designing my life - I don't ask for just "more customers" What kind of customers do you want? I want those that are absolutely in love with my product. That refer me their colleagues. Ones that will reorder religiously.

This works for everything!

Once things are clearly defined and you realize that as much as you are worth every bit to receive this (oh, and that's so important) now you have to set your sights on accepting it into your life.

There is nothing that will stomp on a dream or a vision or a plan than lack of faith and crossed arms. Open wide.

There is a common phrase we hear so often "Ask and you shall receive," but they sometimes leave out the next portion "Seek and you shall find."

The next step is to seek the information. Seek the prospects (business or romantic LOL!). To seek is to act. To act is to win.

Be a winner!

The Seedling . . . . .
-- Author unknown

A Guru felt it was time to prepare his shishyas for the day he would hand over charge to his successor and told them so. Desirous, however, that the successor be one of his own students who’d been under his tutelage for years, he decided to put them to the test.
Calling all his pupils – ten of them – together one morning he gave them each a seed and said: “Please pick up a pot lying around, fill it with soil and manure and plant this seed in it.” At sundown, the pots having been filled in course of the day, he once again called them together and said: “Tomorrow morning you shall all leave for your respective homes along with the pots in which you have planted the seed. Take care of the growth of the seed to the best of your ability and then return here exactly 30 days from today together with the pot.”

Next morning, the students departed for their respective homes, where, they spared no effort in looking after the seed in their respective pot. On the morning of the 30th day all the ten arrived at the gurukul from different directions to be received warmly by the Guru. They each seemed excited with the growth of their respective seedling. One had a beautiful bush of fine roses in bloom, another a high growth of mixed flowers; yet another had a full-grown bonsai variety of the Chickoo while another a growth of colourful ferns, and so on, with the guru complimenting each of them for the results they were showing him – save one, who chose to try remaining unnoticeable to the Guru. He had with him his pot in which not even a leaf seemed to have grown.

Later, with lunch over, the guru’s generosity in welcoming his shishyas back showing through the splendid dishes prepared painstakingly by himself, the Guru invited them to carry their respective pots to meet with him in the garden of meditation where, he said, he would announce his successor. The pupils did as instructed and each sat cross-legged in a circle, their respective pots placed proudly in front of them. The one with the pot in which nothing seemed to have grown tried to remain inconspicuous.

The Guru said: “Can any one of you guess who is going to be my successor?” In an instant, every hand was straight up in anticipation, except the hand of the one who had nothing in his pot to show. Instructing the pupils to put their hands down, the Guru declared: “The one who is to be my successor is none other than the pupil who has come with a pot that has no growth in it at all!” Murmurs of protest began rising until one of them summed up the boldness to ask: “Why him, Guru? His pot is plantless!”

“Yes, my dear, I know! I also know how aware you are that I had given the same seedling to each one of you, including the one who has his pot plantless. The reason why he is going to be my successor is that he alone had the courage to be true to the voice of his conscience in response to the voice of his Guru!

“The seed I gave you all was a boiled one from which nothing could ever grow. But each of you, on discovering that it wouldn’t sprout, has replaced it with a seed of your own choice, except this faithful shishya. The result is, his pot shows an invisible growth of truth, while the pots of the rest of you has a visible growth of untruth in full bloom! Just how can you be leaders of others, moulders of their minds?”

Is Your Hut Burning?
-- Author unknown

The only survivor of a shipwreck was washed up on a small, uninhabited island. He prayed feverishly for God to rescue him, and every day he scanned the horizon for help, but none seemed forthcoming.

Exhausted, he eventually managed to build a little hut out of driftwood to protect Him from the elements, and to store his few possessions. Then one day, after scavenging for food, he arrived home to find his little hut in flames, the smoke rolling up to the sky. The worst had happened; everything was lost.

He was stunned with grief and anger. "God, how could you do this to me!" he cried.

Early the next day, however, he was awakened by the sound of a ship that was approaching the island. It had come to rescue him. "How did you know I was here?" asked the weary man of his rescuers. "We  saw your smoke signal," they replied.

It is easy to get discouraged when things are going bad. But we shouldn't lose heart, because God is at work in our lives, even in the midst of pain and suffering. Remember, next time your little hut is burning to the ground-it just may be a smoke signal that summons the grace of God.

Just for Laughs
Real Pane

A young minister was filling in for Noman Vincent Peal at Marblegate Cathedral. Ascending the pulpit he looked at the magnificent colored glass windows and told the congregation: "You know, these beautiful windows remind me of your pastor and his sermons. I'm afraid that I will be like that piece of cardboard in that broken window over there by comparison." 

After he had finished, (and he did a very good job), he said farewell to the people leaving.

One little old lady warmly shook his hand and gazing fondly up at him gushed: "Oh Pastor, you weren't just a piece of cardboard, you were a real pane!" 

Did you Know
  • There are only three types of snakes on the island of Tasmania and all three are deadly poisonous. 
  • The United States has five percent of the world's population, but twenty-five percent of the world's prison population. 
  • The largest McDonald's is in Beijing, China - measuring 28,000 square feet. It has twenty nine cash registers. 
  • The chicken is one of the few things that man eats before it's born and after it's dead. 
  • The number of US college students studying Latin is three times the number studying Arabic. 
  • There are 1,008 McDonald's franchises in France. 
  • Only 30% of stolen artwork worth more than $1,000,000 each is recovered. 
  • The typical American child receives 70 new toys a year, most of them during the holiday season.