posted 11 Dec 2014, 23:07 by C S Paul

*~*~*~Why I like CHRISTMAS~*~*~*~
- Unknown -

Christmas is something new that comes 
each year to an old world
It is like new fallen snow upon an old tree;
A new flower on an old plant;
New shoes on aching feet;
A new home in an old town;
A new light on a dark street;
New hope in a hopeless situation.
Christmas was introduced by a prophecy,
heralded by the song of an angel,
and announced by the birth of a Savior.
I like Christmas because it sparkles & glows.
It comes only once a year, and still its
radiance warms the child's heart and
fills his mind with pleasant dreams 
of joy and happiness
I like Christmas because Christmas is Christ
I see the beauty of the gospel unfold within
my heart, which began in Bethlehem of Judea
when HIS spirit glorified that little town, and
HIS coming sanctified a lowly manger
Christmas bears Christ's name, symbolizes 
His love, proclaims his truth, and showers
His gifts upon the world.
Although Earthly Kings ignored him,
and the proud could not understand him,
the common people heard him with
with hungry hearts, and gladly received him
I like Christmas because it meets my
deepest needs! It cures me of greed, and 
selfishness, fills my empty soul with
peace and compassion, and renews
my faith and hope in an erring world!
May Christmas time mean more to you
Then gifts on Christmas morn
May you feel the peace the whole world knew
When Christ the Lord was born
May you know the special gladness
And hope that came to men
And may it thrill your heart just now
As Christmas comes again
God bless my friends.