The Ten Commandments of Success

posted 26 Sep 2013, 20:09 by C S Paul

The Ten Commandments of Success

By Napoleon Hill


1. Set your head and heart upon a DEFINITE MAJOR PURPOSE and go to work, right where you stand, to attain it; and begin NOW.

2. Adopt and follow the habit of GOING THE EXTRA MILE by rendering more service and better service than you are paid for, thus enlarging the space you may occupy in the world.

3. Control your MENTAL ATTITUDE and keep it always positive and free from the spirit of defeatism.

4. Apply the GOLDEN RULE in all your human-relationships, no matter what others may do.

5. Learn all that others have discovered in connection with your occupation, job or business, and profit by their experience, thus saving yourself both grief and loss of time.

6. Eat sparingly, of the right combination of foods, and make sure that your "system" is always free from toxic poisoning.

7. Keep your dominating thoughts upon the things you desire and demand of life, and off the things you do not desire.

8. Learn to transmute your sex emotion into the attainment of your DEFINITE MAJOR PURPOSE, at will, remembering that this is a creative force of unknown, unlimited possibilities.

9. If you work for another person, do your work HIS WAY, not yours, and do it in a gracious, pleasing manner.

10. Instead of criticizing others (no matter how much they may deserve it) devote your time to the discovery of traits of your own which should be corrected lest they provide the basis of just criticism against you.

If followed, in a spirit of sincerity, these ten rules will help you to occupy all the space in the world which your talents, education and experience entitle you to enjoy, and they will bring you that sort of peace of mind which surpasseth understanding.