Face to Face With Jesus

posted 10 Sep 2011, 06:36 by C S Paul   [ updated 2 Feb 2014, 03:26 ]

Face to Face With Jesus

A woman arrived at heaven's gate and met Jesus face to face. As he reviewed her life with her, she could see every event just as clearly as if it were happening right then and there. Looking at a time in her life filled with sorrow, she asked him a question that had long been on her heart: 

"Lord, look at my time of greatest trouble. I prayed and prayed but I heard no word from you. I would have despaired had it not been for all the people who helped me: the friends who listened and consoled, who brought me food and understanding, who cried with me and stood by me, and my family who gave me a reason to go on living. But why did you abandon me? Why didn't you help me?" 

"My child," Jesus answered, 
"Why didn't you recognize me?"