Gregorian Academy

The Beginning

GREGORIAN ACADEMY  was started as "The Gregorian Montessori Pre-School and Day Care" in the year 2011 and has successfully completed three years. It is a sister institution of St. George High School, Anagalapura, Banagalore under the Bharath Jyothi Divine Trust.

As education is the foundation for the all-round development of an individual, we believe that we can ensure  to introduce your child into the world with a palette of colours by motivating young minds to paint their imagination and help them scale greater heights.

The Montessori Approach

Emphasizing a didactical approach  towards
  • Sensorial
  • Practical life
  • Creativity
  • Numeracy
  • Communication
  • Language and Literacy

Through Montessori philosophy, we strive to nurture  and develop the child's unique talents,to help them value their diversity and support their growth towards becoming Independent, Informed, Considerate and Active young individuals who will use their talents responsibly and work  towards creating a better world around them.

Our Aim
We assure and ensure to encourage and provide opportunities for young minds to develop and enhance their
  • Ability to use their skills and understanding to explore the world around them.
  • Willingness to actively and constructively contribute towards their own learning through creative and divergent thinking.
  • Values, attitudes and inter personal skills.
  • Self discipline through mutual trust and respect through modeling and practicing of  effective resolution skills rather than coercion.
  • Spirituality and Divine space to develop a forward thinking class.
  • Morality, Ethics and Social justice.
As beginners, the children are exposed to basic skills in learning and understanding in order to groom them to be ready for formal schooling.  

Programs currently offered at Gregorian Academy

Children aged between 18 months to 2 ½ years are admitted for Day Care program

Children learn through their senses, their ability to absorb information is highest  during the early years of their life. As these early years are critical for developing a positive attitude towards learning, we engage these toddlers with activities that can
  • Refine their senses.
  • Promote their language development.
  • Heighten their spatial awareness.
We give below a snapshot of the methodologies adopted by us.
Help the Children to
- Gain control of body movements with age.
- Learn language and numerals through fun tools.
- Solve puzzles through practical and e-learning syllabi.
- Train the kids in eating and toilet habits.
- Keep the children entertained with eco-friendly toys and indoor games.
- Provide an opportunity for the children to learn from dedicated foreign volunteers from across the globe.

Children aged between 2 ½ years to 3 ½ years are admitted to Montessori Pre-school.

The program is structured to facilitate the development of children's inquiring minds within a secure and family like environment. They are encouraged to construct their own understanding of concepts through their exploration of Montessori learning materials. We aim to foster a love for learning that will stay with their children all their lives. the Montessori materials are carefully researched and designed to match the development needs of the children.

Self-discipline is fostered by engaging children in decision making, by encouraging task completion, and by creating a classroom climate where the right to learn is respected at all times.
After  School Facility

Parents have the option to leave their children under our care after their school hours and take them home at their convenience before 6.00 PM.

Facilities provided
  • State of the art classrooms and video niche
  • Montessori study tools and e-learning
  • Play area, with nature driven learning experience (Green Space)
  • Trained professionals with wide education vertices.
  • Active parents sessions on each term to discuss a child's progress and review his / her records.
  • Surveillance throughout the day to ensure your child's safety


Day Care program :-  Parents have the freedom to choose a time slot from the various options available, between 8.00 AM and 6.00 PM to suit their requirements.

Pre-school program:- 9.00 AM to 1.00 PM

After School Facility :- Parents can arrange to drop their children at our premises after their school hours and take them home before 6.00 PM

Nursery & Primary School - Work is in progress for getting the necessary approvals for starting a Nursery & Primary School (from LKG to class V).God willing, the school will start functioning with its first batch of LKG students in June 2015.

We are now getting ready for a new academic year. While we have been continually improving our facilities to create an even better learning environment for the children who join our school.

Each child here at the Gregorian Academy Preschool is treated with respect and given an opportunity towards freedom of expression within the limits of a carefully prepared environment to prepare them to becoming well-balanced individuals with ability to cope with the emotional, social, and pressures of modern day living.

While we understand that choosing a school for your child will be one of the important decisions you will make, we trust that the above information has been useful to you.

If you have any further queries, please contact us at  
+ 91-9845641142, +91-9500567091, +91-9443447330