Patriarchal Throne

1St. Peter the Apostle37-67
2St. Evodius67-68
3St. Ignatios I Nurono (the Illuminator)68-107
4St. Heron107-127
5St. Korneilos127-154
6St. Heros154-169
7St. Theophilos169-182
8St. Maximos I182-191
9St. Seraphion191-211
10St. Ascelpiadis the Confessor211-220
13St. Babulas the Martyr237-251
15S. Demetrianos254-260
16Paul I of Samosate260-268
17Domnus I268-273
19Cyrille I283-303
22St. Philogone320-323
23Paulinos of Tyre323-324
The Arians took control of the See of Antioch and appointed the following Patriarchs
26St. Flavin I381-404
30John I428-442
31Domnus II442-499
32Maximos II449-455
Maximos abdicated and the Chalcedonians seized control over the See of Antioch and appointed the following Patriarchs:
34Peter II the Fuller (Qassar468-488
36Flavin II498-512
37St. Severius the Great512-538
The Chalcedonians took control of the See of Antioch in 518 and sent Mor Severius to exile and appointed the following Patriarchs whose line continues in the Byzantine (Rum/Antiochene Orthodox) Patriarchate
 Paul the Jew518-521
 Ephrem of Amid528-546
Six years after the death of Mor Severius, Sargius of Tella became the Syriac Orthodox Patriarch.
38Sargius of Tella544-546
During this turbulent time, the Holy See remained vacant for 4 years.
39Paul II the Black of Alexandria550-575
He was deposed in 575 for joining the Chalcedonians. The Holy See remained vacant for the next few years.
40Peter III of Raqqa581-591
41Julian I595-591
42Athanasius I Gammolo595-631
43John II of the Sedre631-648
45Severius II bar Masqeh667-681
46Athanasius II683-686
47Julian II686-708
48Elias I709-723
49Athanasius III724-740
50Iwanis I740-754
After the death of Iwanis, two Patriarchs were appointed at the behest of the Caliph:
51George I758-790
53Quryaqos of Takrit793-817
54Dionysius I of Tellmahreh817-845
55John III846-873
56Ignatius II878-883
57Theodosius Romanos of Takrit887-896
58Dionysius II897-909
59John IV Qurzahli910-922
60Baselius I923-935
61John V936-953
62Iwanis II954-957
63Dionysius III958-961
64Abraham I962-963
65John VI Sarigta965-985
66Athanasius IV of Salah986-1002
67John VII bar `Abdun1004-1033
68Dionysius IV Yahya1034-1044
Due to internal conflicts within the Church, the Holy See was vacant for the next few years.
69John VIII1049-1057
70Athanasius V1058 -1063
71John IX bar Shushan1063-1073
72Baselius II1074-1075
After the death of Baselius, John Abdun got himself appointed Patriarch and caused trouble in the Church. He was deposed but continued causing trouble until 1091
73Dionysius V Lazaros1077-1078
74Iwanis III1080-1082
75Dionysius VI1088-1090
76Athanasius VI bar Khamoro1091-1129
77John X bar Mawdyono1129-1137
78Athanasius VII bar Qutreh1138-1166
79Michael I the Great1166-1199
80Athanasius VIII1200-1207
81John XI1208-1220
82Ignatius III David1222-1252
83John XII bar Ma`dani1252-1263
84Ignatius IV Yeshu1264-1282
85Philoxenos I Nemrud1283-1292
86Michael II1292-1312
87Michael III Yeshu1312-1349
88Baselius III Gabriel1349-1387
89Philoxenos II the Writer1387-1421
90Baselius IV Shem`un1421-1444
91Ignatius Behnam al-Hadli1445-1454
92Ignatius Khalaf1455-1483
93Ignatius John XIII1483-1493
94Ignatius Nuh of Lebanon1493-1509
95Ignatius Yeshu I1509-1512
96Ignatius Jacob I1512-1517
97Ignatius David I1517-1520
98Ignatius Abd-Allah I1520-1557
99Ignatius Ne`met Allah I1557-1576
100Ignatius David II Shah1576-1591
101Ignatius Pilate I1591-1597
102Ignatius Hadayat Allah1597-1639
103Ignatius Simon I1640-1659
104Ignatius Yeshu II Qamsheh1659-1662
105Ignatius Abdul Masih I1662-1686
106Ignatius George II1687-1708
107Ignatius Isaac Azar1709-1722
108Ignatius Shukr Allah II1722-1745
109Ignatius George III1745-1768
110Ignatius George IV1768-1781
111Ignatius Matthew1782-1817
112Ignatius Yunan1817-1818
113Ignatius George V1819-1837
114Ignatius Elias II1838-1847
115Ignatius Jacob II1847-1871
116Ignatius Peter IV1872-1894
117Ignatius Abdul Masih II1895-1905
Abdul Masih was deposed in 1905.
118Ignatius Abd Allah II1906-1915
119Ignatius Elias III1917-1932
120Ignatius Afram I Barsoum1933-1957
121Ignatius Jacob III1957-1980
122Ignatius Zakka I Iwas1980-2014

 123 Ignatius Aprem II 2014 -